Not only do I love styling, clothing, and fashion.
I also love, love, love creating beautiful spaces.
I designed every room in our new house and I couldn't be more proud.
One of my favorite design elements is the wallpaper.
(Thanks Wayfair for all the help.) 
The black and white floral in Tillie's bathroom is timeless. You can shop it here.
The whimsical wallpaper we have in our dining room is my favorite!
It is so warm and inviting. Shop it here.
And last but certainly not the least, the wallpaper in the shop's dressing room is EVERYTHING.
It literally gives off such fierce vibes. Shop it here.
I truly believe a good design is as powerful as a good outfit.
Am I right, or amiright?
Do you want to see more of our home? Are you interested in a home tour? Comment below with what you want to see in future blog posts.
It could be ANYTHING.
Stay Fresh,


I love your style and the wallpapers! Would love to see a tour of your home! We are building soon and could use all the inspiration! :)

Christina O'Connor January 25, 2019

I love your decorating and style! I would love a house tour!!! You have amazing taste!

Mercedes January 22, 2019


Beth wischnowski January 21, 2019

Thanks for sharing!! Love your style and wish you would sell more home goods! Like Pillows, throws, etc! I’m in love with all my FL pieces and always get so excited to see what’s new!

Jenna January 21, 2019

Love decorating …my passion

Katryna January 21, 2019

Would love to see a home tour….plus have you sell accessories…my passion!

Donna Mauricio January 21, 2019

Home tour please!!! I think there is nothing like being able to design your home from the ground up – I know I felt like Joanna Gaines with my home build and design! It’s like watching your dreams come to life! Wallpaper is definitely icing on the cake when it comes to home design and your taste is above and beyond! Hope to see your new place soon and shop in your boutique!

Dori January 21, 2019

There is s difference between fads and fashion. Tends and timeless. You find the perfect balance between it all and a fresh feel to classics. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold and see all to come.

Melany Collett January 21, 2019

Loved your past house and l♥️ve your current house! Can’t wait to travel from CA to visit and shop FL. House tour……..ummmm yes please!

Stephanie January 21, 2019

Yes! Want to see everything. I have some of the same stuff as you and love decorating too. Wanting to do wallpaper for the 1st time ever actually in my bathroom soon.

Megan Muraws January 21, 2019

Would love to see a home tour! Every photo I have seen taken in your new home leaves me wanting to see more. As others have stated, you should expand into home decorating inspirations.
So happy to see your new clothing line achieve immediate success!!!

Jacqueline Parker January 21, 2019

Yes! Want to see it all- especially how to make a home cozy, welcoming & family friendly- oh and more wallpaper ideas too. We’re doing a huge first floor reno this spring. I’ve been stalking Pinterest & Houzz for decor ideas and I’d most certainly stalk FL if you share ideas!!!

Deanna January 21, 2019

Definitely wanna see a home tour! Obsessed with everything I’ve seen so far

Amanda McCullough January 21, 2019

love, Love, LOVE…Come do my house!!!

Karla January 21, 2019

Yes! Home tour! STAT!

Shannon Hayes January 21, 2019

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