You guys- I did it. I booked a trip after having the kids home from school for all of 5 hours! Love them. Mean it. But after five (L O N G) hours, they were driving me crazy!!!!! How else was I supposed to survive the week?! 

Five hours into SPRING BREAK and I quickly decided we needed to get out of the house! I needed to get out of the house..HELPPPPP!!!

We eat, sleep, work, and play under one roof. Blessed? Absolutely! But also, challenging! With everything being at my finger tips- it's often difficult for me to step away. As an entrepreneur, the grind is never ending, and because of that I haven't felt present with my family lately. (Ugh. The damn mom guilt. Tell me I'm not the only one.)  I needed a change of scenery. We needed a change of scenery- and the only way that was going to happen was if we ran away. 

I told RT, the kids being on Spring break was the perfect excuse to pack up and get away. and he immediately had a meltdown. A MELTDOWN.  Like he was stressed you guys! Stressed because I wanted to get away and stressed because LAX season just started, and Nash "can't" miss practice! HA. I laughed. "RT, are you serious?" 

He was serious. But so was I.

I let him know, if practice was so important, then the kids (Nash included) and I were going to go down to Florida for a few days and he could take Nash's place at practice! HA. In that moment, I saw FOMO all over his face! He changed his speed, and got on board; we booked our tickets, scrambled to pack, and hopped on a plane! 

We arrived to Margaritaville this morning. And today has been EVERYTHING the Parker's needed.
But even moreso, today was everything this mama heart needed. 

I needed to see my kids run around, swim, laugh, and smile! I needed to stop and be present. You guys, this life is too short!!!! These moments are happening every single day- right before me!! They're happening right before you too! Work, the dishes, and the laundry can wait. I encourage you to stop and smell the roses. Pack up the car, drive to the park, head to the beach, leave your phone behind and live in these moments. RELISH in these moments. 

You're mama heart will be so glad you did! 




 PS. Leave me comments about moments with your family below. 
I love, love, love reading them!
PSS. Packages will be shipped this weekend! 
The Parker's are out of the office. 



Yes. All this ! No kids will remember when they grow up if we forgot to do a load or missed one practice. They will however remember every spontaneous vacation. Every wave every beach. We are hopping on a plane tomorrow too. All a surprise spring break trip. Can’t wait.

Melany C March 14, 2019

A last minute vacation sounds amazing, enjoy your time away! I can’t wait for my Disney vacation this summer planned with my 13 year old. Leaving the baby at home will be hard, but it’s much needed one on one time.

Alyssa Bourne March 14, 2019

My littlest turns 3 next week 😭 and I have been contemplating something along these lines. My husband and I both work quite demanding jobs but have realized that we need to take time for us and our family. Both of us are coaching a soccer team this season…my kiddos are 2 and 3…it’s hilariously fun. Every month we try to do one fun family outing though… water park, zoo, Badger game, etc. We need those moments.

Elizabeth Reis March 14, 2019

Girl I totally feel you on that. I have such mom guilt over not being home with my daughter everyday. Both my husband and I have to work. But gosh do I cherish every single moment I do have with her. I can’t believe she will be 3 on Saturday.

Ashley Seyboth March 14, 2019

So fun I miss being able to do that, I did it a lot when they were small, now its just way too much. . My kids spring break was last weekend, they are teens and want to hang with friends or do their thing.. I worked they stayed home, but we do have summer fun planned. But on a good note I’m running away next weekend for some fun with my sister in NYC. I wish i could take my kids but they have school and time with there dad. I used to feel mom guilt but not really anymore. I hate the words when i hear it. I need to take care of me because if I don’t my family suffers.

Stefanie March 14, 2019

As a mother of a 24 year old and twin 19 year olds I can’t begin to tell you how fast their childhood years pass. I only wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities to make the memories. The older your kids get the more challenging it gets to just pick up and leave….even planning far ahead of time can get tedious. Maximize their childhood years! You won’t regret it.

Sharon Checchi March 12, 2019

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