MP Needs You PT. 2
Do-nut wait any longer. Become a Fourever Lane Influencer Today.
What's an Influencer you ask?
An Influencer is a confident individual who supports and promotes a brand they love to his/her social media following, friends, family, and coworkers. In this case, when you become an exclusive Fourever Lane Influencer, you will share authentic content like- styled FL pieces, mail day, all about your shopping experience and so much more. You can also do things like remind your following of a new blog posting, a live sale, or a Fresh Off The Press website drop. Essentially we want you to share allllll things Fourever Lane. 
So how can I share?
When you sign up to become a Fourever Lane Influencer (upon approval), you will receive a custom referral link. This referral link can be posted anywhere and everywhere you choose. Facebook, Instagram, Email, Twitter, or even the PTA newsletter, (HA) 
What's so special about the referral link you ask?
Every time somebody makes a purchase through your referral link- you will earn 10% of the sale! 
How will I receive my pay-out?
Every 30 days, your earned commissions will automatically be sent through a gift card. The Fourever Lane gift card is emailed directly to your inbox, so you can shop right away! Since we are working with a third party programmer- when you join the FL Influencer program you will have access to a dashboard where you can track your conversion sales at any given time. SO RAD!
Why become an Influencer?
Well to feed your addiction of course! No but seriously, so many of you do an amazing job at supporting and promoting FL already, I wanted to be able to give back to you! Consider it a thank you to YOU, my customers, who give me so much purpose!  
Do I have to pay to join?
No way! This Influencer program is built solely on referred business. You earn when your referrals shop. It is just that simple! With that being said, there are no "official" requirements of you! It's as easy as texting your best friend your referral link when she asks, "Girl, where did you get that shirt from?" 
I'm BEYOND excited to be launching phase one of the Fourever Lane Influencer Program.
I hope you'll come along for the ride. 
I promise it'll be fun!
The best is yet to come! 
If you would like to join, fill out the application here!
Applications will be processed within 72 hours.  
 Leave a comment below if you are excited and share what you would like to see come to the FL Influencer Program.


Yasss!! I can’t wait!! FL clothes are already my favourite! I’m pumped to have an official way to share them with my girls! ✨✨

Kelsey February 12, 2019

You think of the most thoughtful ideas!!! I’m sooo in!!!💕

Kristen Blackwell February 12, 2019

This is so AWESOME!!! I’ve followed you and your journey for a longtime! Love your style, love your humor, just love you!!!

Tiffany Duchess-Holbert February 12, 2019

Would do anything to help advance your vision and brilliance.

Colleen Haberkern February 12, 2019

This is awesome!!! Can’t wait to keep supporting you and potentially becoming of the tribe! Would love something for you to offer part of the tribe to come and do photo shoots with you and the amazing clothes❤️

Ashley February 12, 2019

This is soo exciting MP! Such a great way to encourage new customers and support your current tribe all at the same time, you’re the best! <3

Alana May February 12, 2019

Woot woot! This is awesome!

Karin Hiltz February 12, 2019

Girl!!! So sweet of you to start this to give back! I’m spreading the word about you and your brand regardless. It’s about to get real, real good! You ain’t seen nothing yet girl! #getitgirl

Tamara Holland February 12, 2019

I’m in! Wearing the Groovy Dress today!

LINDSAY ROSS February 12, 2019

Yayyyyyy so excited !!!

Theresa thomas February 12, 2019

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