To be 2000% honest, I’ve been pretty anxious lately. 


Vulnerability is scary and starting up Fourever Lane has been a (little) terrifying! There have been moments and even days where I just feel like, “WHOA. WHAT ARE WE DOING?!” These moments and days are bridged by melt downs and feelings of uncertainty. 


Thankfully, RT is always right there to tell me; “Meagan, we are not going down that road where you question and/or doubt yourself. You’re kicking ass. You’re amazing. And WE’VE got this!” Yes I know, he’s amazing and I’m lucky. (I’ll save the sappy, I love my husband.... for another blog)


Anyways like most, I’m my own worst enemy. I feel like I could be doing so much more. That I should be doing so much more. I don’t know if I’m psycho or JUST THAT passionate. You decide. Hahaha!!! 


I mean I literally have a laundry list of things I want to do. Which brings me to you—my customers— the heart of my business! I want to develop an OFFICIAL influencer program which will have shopping perks and potential commissions for customer referrals. These commissions will be available for you to use on future purchases. I’m still ironing out the details, but are you into it??? Leave a comment below and let me know. (For the record, it’s not an MLM and I won’t be recruiting you.)


While I wait to hear your thoughts on that; MP needs YOU! 


I need you to help me grow Fourever Lane. Basically share all the things about FL. Be my hype woman, if you would? 


Post pictures, share, and tag on social media. Tell your mama, your granny and alllllllll your best friends about Fourever Lane!! 


To show my appreciation for your love and support as you help me grow my business- 

I’m doing a giveaway. Here are all the details: 


  1. FOLLOW @foureverlane on Instagram 
  2. Go find the photo (above) on our newsfeed. 
  3. Tag your best friend and tell her why you love FL. (Each tag is an additional entry)
  4. Post a photo in your FL clothing on your Instagram story and tag @foureverlane (This is an additional entry) 


Winner will receive $125 worth of clothing handpicked by moi!!! 


Giveaway closes Sunday, 1/13/19 at midnight! Winner will be announced Monday, 1/14/19 on Fourever Lanes Instagram story at noon!!!!


Again, thank you for your continual support and Keeping up with MP aka reading my diary!! 


Get to tagging!!! 


Stay Fresh!











s May 12, 2023

I adore all things Fourever Lane! I am totally game for being an influencer! I am so happy you proudly sell all sizes, and not just clothes, but accessories too. I tell everyone I know about your business – it’s the BEST!

Christina O'Connor January 19, 2019

Fourever Lane for Hoosiers! Being a 40 year old new mom is amazing, however, keeping my fashion and style can be difficult since I now stay home with my baby girl. Your brand helps me find my own personal style in the crowd of yoga pants and messy buns! #FoureverObsessed #IndianaAmbassador4FoureverLane

Janelle Gilbert January 15, 2019

I want to be an influencer.

Sarah Marcy January 14, 2019

Yessssss! Love FL clothing. Super on trend and you feel Amazing no matter your size.😍

Tazma January 11, 2019

i would love to do this!! i have adored your style + aesthetic for years, lady lou!!!

sarah January 11, 2019

I’m totally down for this! I Already pimp you out all over so I’m already blasting your name out there! Thank u!

Jen W. January 11, 2019

Ummmm YES to influencer! Absolutely adore you and totally support you!!! You are awesome!

Christina January 11, 2019

Love you. Love this.
Love all of it! Will be in my cutest crop sweater tonight for all the posting and tagging!

Carrie January 11, 2019

Ummm duh would love to be an influencer! I’m already posting myself in these clothes that are so amazing that I find myself buying something from fourelane almost every week 😳 you are killing it girl don’t get down you have so much support!

Nicole January 11, 2019

Fourever Lane is just getting started! Can’t wait to see the amazing things to come! Count me in for it ALL! You guys are doing a sensational job.

Stephanie January 11, 2019

I would love to do this!

Pam Hatch January 10, 2019

I’m in MP!! I love how much you put your heart and soul into your business! I love every single item I have purchased from you! And of course I want “all the things” 😘

Stacy January 10, 2019

I’m in! You’re a true inspiration, and I love Fourever Lane, your free spirit, and style!

Alison Maine January 10, 2019

I’ve been talking Fourever Lane up to all my friends!! ❤️❤️

Colleen January 10, 2019

I Love the idea and it’s always nice to get fashion ideas and inspiration from another #CurvyGirl ❤️

Roxxy B January 10, 2019

I would love to be apart of fourever lane. Such amazing clothes and journey.

4boysandabudget January 10, 2019

LOVE this! Sign me up!

Ally January 10, 2019

Would love to be a part of the fun! Would give me an excuse to shop and post on my Instagram more ♡

Aimy January 10, 2019

I’m totally into this idea!! I’m obsessed with your style and clothes!

Jessica Robilotto January 10, 2019

I feel like I’m already apart of this!!! Great idea Meghan, sign me up!!!! I love freaking everything I’ve gotten from you. Now to go to target and get a biggger mirror to take outfit selfies.

Stef Picard January 10, 2019

AWESOME!!!! I love this!!! Fourever Lane will FOREVER be in my closet! I love how the ladies on the page share their styles – gives me soooo many ideas and confidence to rock my wear! I absolutely will post, share, tag, etc….whatever it takes to help you get Fourever Lane’s name out there!!!

Karin Hiltz January 10, 2019

Love this!! FL and you Meagan inspired me to dress how I feel! I used to always try to fit in ( not too proud to admit it) lol but as my body has changed and my perception of style after having kids I LOVE that all your clothes make me feel AMAZING and confident! My Hubby even noticed a change in my confidence. Keep up the amazing work and keep inspiring us all! #yourtribe

Jenna Russell January 10, 2019

I would absolutely love this opportunity as I LOVE FOUREVERLANE and I have my background in business and marketing! I would love to show my love and how fabulous FL is to the world! #ambassador

Lindsey Williams January 10, 2019

You know so I’ve been WAITING for this!:)

Rachel Crocker January 10, 2019

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