Well it's officially, O F F I C I A L. The collab that I have been dreaming of is here. Patrick Winget and I will be working together to bring you the sickest clothing pieces ever! Another blog post to come on that real soon! I promise. 

Anywhoo- because of this collaboration and other projects we are working on, I knew that I would be traveling from coast to coast a lot! I had to find a way to save $ and I am so glad that I did!!! Kim Zolciak Biermann (Pinch me.) suggested I partner with Jifu to travel at wholesale prices. So of course I listened to that queen!!!!! I am now a Jifu affilaite and want to tell you all about it. It only costs me $30 a month and I save more than that on each booking, so it basically pays for itself.


Q: What is Jifu you ask? 
A: It's the Netflix of travel! Jifu is a new wholesale travel club where you pay $30 a month to have unlimited access to wholesale travel prices. That’s right, zero mark-up on all your travel needs! AMAZING, right?


Q: How does Jifu work?

A: Unsold inventory hurts the bottom line. Empty seats, unsold rooms and unrented cars must be sold, even if it’s at prices way below retail. Jifu as well as all of the other discounted sites like Expedia and Priceline get the same inventory from the same wholesalers at the same prices- BUT Jifu just doesn’t mark it up. What Jifu gets, you get! 


Q: Why don't they mark up travel expenses?

A: Jifu believes so fiercely in travel and adventure, that they want to make travel affordable to everyone! If you go an annual family vacation then this is 100% for you! BIG SAVINGS.


Q: Okay, so what’s the catch?

A: There isn’t one! No crazy contracts, cancel at any time! Become a member for a one time enrollment of $100 and $30 a month thereafter to have unlimited access to lodging, transportation, cruises, flights and activities. You’ll also get a 24/7 concierge service, a 110% of the difference low price guarantee, and you will earn travel reward credits every time you book to lower your cost even more on your next booking. Plus best of all you will get 10 buddy passes each month to give friends and family a FREE limited membership to test drive for 6 months. With those buddy passes you can earn hundreds of travel reward credits when they book travel and if 3 people become members you won’t have to pay your monthly ($30) anymore! SCORE! 


Q: Ok MP, I am in! How do I become a member?

A: It' simple, sign up here: JIFU TRAVEL 


Now that I have partnered with Jifu, I want to plan a girls weekend to get together will all of you!!! Pack your bags with your favorite Fourever Lane pieces, leave the kiddos with daddy, and get ready to let loose!!

I will share my buddy passes so you can book your travel at 50% off! We can meet up, hang by the pool aka take naps, grab a glass of rose, and talk all the things!!! I mean, I basically feel like ya'll are my best friends anyways so lets do this! Should we call it- moms gone wild? I am taking suggestions on places we could drive to and meet up at! Favorite vacation spots on the east coast? Tell me all of them in the comments below! Once we decide on a place, I will look at Jifu and give all the details regarding dates and price for a stay!!!! 


Would you come? Let's get away!!!! 





Williamsburg, VA, Rehoboth Beach DE, New York City, Boston, Atlantic City NJ, Charleston SC, Savannah GA, NOLA

K.Murray March 05, 2019

New Orleans!!

Alison Maine March 05, 2019

NYC, Jersey Shore, Boston, Virginia Beach

Marge March 05, 2019

Vail, CO

KW March 04, 2019

NYC, Charleston, Nashville, Boston, Disney!

Autumn March 04, 2019

Savannah, Charleston, Nashville, Asheville…. Somewhere with a little Southern Sass!! NYC is always fun as well!

T. Holland March 04, 2019

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