Pink Royalty Flare Jeans

Size: 1
Only 1 piece in stock!

Colorful  denim is our bae. And H.E.L.L.O. have you ever seen denim like this? Top it off the stretch is next level. So toss those yoga pants aside we’ve got something better for ya.

Pair with a graphic tee or legit ANYTHING that makes you feel yourself in these awesome pants! 

Sizing deets: 

1 fits a 2 

3 fits a 4

5 fits a size 6

7 fits a size  8   

9 fits a size 10

11 fits a size 12  

13 fits a size 14

15 fits a size 16

* incredible stretch but unlike other denim brands they don't stretch out leaving the fit baggy and saggy.*

*Meagan is a size 6 rocking a size 5

*Sam is a size 8 rocking a size 7

*Victoria is a size 14 rocking a 15 

2% Tencel, 35.7% Cotton, 10.5% T400, 1.8% Spandex

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